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Why Hillary must absolutely not be president

"I WAS there in the beginning, inside the Clinton machine. I saw it all happen. From the corrupt to the absolutely corrupt, and that's when I thought about my father who was dying of lung cancer, and what he'd do if he knew the man I'd become. And then I thought about my daughter. What if the cocaine they were bringing in ended up being used by her. I hit my knees that day and asked God to forgive me." - Former Clinton political aide and whistle-blower Larry Nichols, The New Clinton Chronicles (2015).

People who don't know the history of Bill and Hillary Clinton might understandably support her presidential campaign against the abrasive, shoot-from-the-lip billionaire and political outsider Donald Trump. After all, Hillary is a lawyer and former First Lady of Arkansas and the White House, a senator for New York state and a Secretary of State in the Obama administration. She's tough, plucky, intelligent, eloquent, "charming" even. But Hillary has a serious problem - her and husband Bill's very dark history that is littered with all manner of criminal allegations and, in Bill's case, convictions.

Bill Clinton's serious character problems are now well known, but were identified decades ago by his political fixer Larry Nichols, who helped recruit him for his successful run for Governor of Arkansas. In the 2015 video (referenced above) Nichols tells of his time with Bill in a restaurant during that recruitment process on behalf of Witt Stephens, founder of Stephens Inc, the Arkansas financial services company. "I said to Mr Witt ... 'this guy is a sexual predator. He's not just a womaniser. I tell you, this guy's sick and a pathological liar'. And I told Mr Witt 'I couldn't even make him tell the truth and when he came to something that he could tell the truth on that was harmless to him - he still couldn't tell the truth'."

But should Hillary be condemned for her husband's flaws? No. Perhaps she's just a strong woman holding her family together at all costs. It would be nice to think such a thing. She could indeed be called a noble, selfless woman if that were the case. Unfortunately for the want-to-be first woman US president, the facts don't stack up for such a conclusion. Nichols says Hillary is in fact the driver behind Bill.

Did their history really involve drugs? Yes, a drug-running operation did go on at Mena airport in Arkansas under the noses of Governor Bill and First Lady Hillary. But the governor did assure the press he and Hillary had nothing to do with the reputed $100 million-a-month drug running operation linked to the Iran-Contra arms scandal and involving George H.W. Bush (a long-time Clinton family friend). Perhaps they weren't directly linked to it, but Bill did attend parties with jailed drug user Dan Lasater where young women were freely supplied with cocaine. Bill's half-brother Roger was also jailed for his role in a cocaine dealing ring. So who do we believe? Former Arkansas Supreme Court judge and former senator Jim Johnston said of President Clinton: "He can accommodate any situation that comes up because he's not hemmed in by the truth. I've never felt that Clinton, consciously or unconsciously, was hemmed in with morality." (The Clinton Chronicles).

The long-running rumours about Clinton administration corruption began to be confirmed when Nichols investigated the books of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority - an entity officially set up to provide state-backed, low-interest finance for schools and churches. Nichols had been appointed ADFA's marketing president. His investigations not only showed ADFA funds were going to Clinton's close friends, his election campaigns and to Hillary's Rose Law Firm, but appeared to be part of a money laundering operation. His attempts to prosecute the racket were simply ignored by the media and dismissed by the local courts.

Further investigations would allege links between the AFDA and the notorious drug money-laundering Bank Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), shut down in 1991. Nichols states in The Clinton Chronicles: "ADFA, until 1989, never banked any money in Arkansas. What they would do is ship the money down ... to a bank in Florida, which later would be connected to BCCI. They would ship money to a bank in Atlanta, Georgia, which by the way was later connected to BCCI. They would ship to Citicorp in New York, which would ship the money overseas. There was an interesting one, a bank in Chicago, and that bank is partially owned by Dan Rostenkowski (the prominent, now deceased Democrat politician jailed for mail fraud)."

Nichols goes on to explain that the Clintons' friend Dan Lasater became the broker for the bonds and would transfer money back to ADFA. "You never saw (unclear) a bond. The money would then leave ADFA, go into one of the various banks for a specific bond loan and they would zero it out. And when they were zeroing it out they would give it back to Lasater, less their handling fees."

ADFA was structured so that decisions were made in secret and applications for funding were handled by Rose Law Firm - at a cost of $50,000 each. Nichols says he asked the AFDC comptroller Bill Wilson how the loans were repaid. "He looked at me and said 'they don't'. He thought I knew!"

"So it was just another corrupt government," a cynic might say. Well, it's much more than the odd paper bag stuffed with notes. How many politicians today with some sense of proprietary would stand down if such allegations surfaced around them? Not the Clintons. And their story gets much worse.

There was a growing list of people who were offside with Clinton administrations were ending up dead from unnatural causes. Some or even most of those deaths might well be the genuine suicides and mishaps (e.g. plane crashes) that investigators said they were. But what's undeniable is that there are suspicious deaths around the Clinton political circle. One online mini-documentary puts the numbers of dead, formerly close Clinton associates in the high 40s. Some say the number of victims of "Arkancide" is 150. tries to dismiss the allegation superficially: "Bill Clinton has quietly done away with several dozen people who possessed incriminating evidence about him. False." That's not necessarily what's being claimed. Various lists have been circulating since the damning Clinton Chronicles documentary. There is no way that, an outfit that specialises in defending establishment narratives, can suggest that none of the deaths around the Clinton political machine are genuinely suspicious. Take the alleged death by suicide of Vincent Foster, Hillary's former Rose Law Firm associate - also said to be her lover. The Wikipedia official account of Foster's suicide is seriously at odds with other accounts, particularly that of Larry Nichols. Nichols has publicly confessed on radio that he carried out "hits".

So, after all of this, have the Clintons been convicted of any serious crime? Not Hillary, but in Bill's case he was convicted (and later acquitted) for perjury and obstruction of justice. Both have also been the subject of a number of serious criminal investigations, the most notable being the Whitewater scandal. In that event 15 Clinton friends and associates were convicted of 40 federal crimes. But for the Clintons and their supporters, Whitewater is just more water under the bridge.

During their time in the White House there were also the Travelgate and Filegate scandals. Bill was found guilty of contempt of court in the case alleging he sexually harassed Paula Jones, and was subsequently impeached as president by the way. Jones technically lost her case but Clinton had to pay her $850,000 in compensation.  We also know about Hillary's role as Secretary of State in the Benghazi (Libya) Affair, and her infamous comment "what difference at this point does it make?" in relation to the deaths of US government employees there at the hands of terrorists. As Secretary of State she appeared to have ignored repeated pleas by the late Ambassador Stevens to increase security there. There's also her use of a private email server as a government employee and how she is sidestepping that possible crime with the help of the Obama administration. Again, a background of such controversy would force most politicians to quietly step down - but not Hillary Clinton, who seems to regard herself as untouchable. Indeed, she seems to thrive on controversy.

Larry Nichols, unlike the Clintons, admits he "wasn't a good person". He worked in "special operations" in Central and South America and "did a lot of bad things". But now Nichols, battling lung cancer, has vowed to do everything he can to stop Hillary Clinton going to the White House. "I just want to see (them) brought to justice and get their just dues ... and put where they belong, in jail," he says in The New Clinton Chronicles, and updated version of the earlier documentary.

To simply dismiss the most serious allegations of crime and corruption around the Clintons as mere political mudslinging is disingenuous and denial of facts. They say mud sticks, but the Clintons are masters of chutzpah. They walk through these fires to emerge like the risen phoenix bird. How appropriate that Hillary sometimes wears a gold phoenix bird brooch. The bird is venerated in occult circles and Mr Nichols and others believe the would-be president has long-standing connections with those circles. Prominent Republican Ben Carson drew attention to the same matter at the 2016 Republican National Convention, noting that the young Hillary Rodham's political mentor, the US communist Saul Alinsky, wrote of Lucifer as "the original radical who gained his own kingdom". Hillary's senior thesis was on Alinsky. Whether the Lucerferian connections are valid or not, she is well schooled in the far-left politics of subterfuge, subversion and deception.

Like her husband, Hillary consistently shows she is not bound by conventional morality. She was recently accused from several quarters of lying under oath to the Congress at the investigations into the Benghazi affair.  But Clinton obviously knows the technicalities of the law and that she can get away with it, as explained on Law Newz. It's par for the course for Hillary.

This same "liberal champion of women's and minority causes" considers babies in the womb not to be "persons" i.e. living, breathing beings. She is a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood (the abortion provider) and its philosophical founder Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist who advocated exterminating the Negro population and actually supported the Klu Klux Klan. Clinton accepted the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood and went on to defend Sanger when questioned on the issue.

Hillary Clinton's behaviour away from the cameras has been described variously as obscene and racist by a number of former associates such as former US Secret Service agent Gary Byrne. In a book titled "Crisis of Character" he describes her "obscenity-laced tirades thrown at staff members" in the White House. There were also "volcanic" fights between the couple. Byrne says she, like Bill, is "habitually dishonest" and unfit to lead America.

And then there's the multi-billion-dollar Clinton Foundation that gathers donations from businesses and governments worldwide for various charitable projects in developing nations. But we've heard a story like that somewhere before. Donations include an estimated $25 million from Saudi Arabia, a nation notorious for violations of women's and minority rights - or generally any kind of justice except Wahhabist beheadings and hand chopping. Even the Clinton-backing New York Times acknowledges there are conflicts of interest with the foundation, such as multinational corporations being able to "buy" US government policy.

First woman president of the United States might well be a noble aspiration, but for Hillary Clinton it is her ultimate grab for power. Drug running, financial scandals, sexual scandals and suspicious deaths are nothing to her but inconvenient obstacles on the path of power. Nichols believes she will promote her husband to UN ambassador and between them and their fabulously wealthy Clinton Foundation wield vastly more power than any US presidential family ever did. If Hillary and her husband Bill have no shame about their past, the mind boggles as to what she and her circle will be capable of when and if  they take over (God forbid) the US presidential reigns once more. 

* A Wikipedia summary states: "As a consequence of his conduct in the Jones v. Clinton civil suit and before the federal grand jury, President Clinton incurred significant administrative sanctions. The Independent Counsel considered seven non-criminal alternative sanctions that were imposed in making his decision to decline prosecution: (1) President Clinton’s admission of providing false testimony that was knowingly misleading, evasive, and prejudicial to the administration of justice before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas; (2) his acknowledgement that his conduct violated the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Arkansas Supreme Court; (3) the five-year suspension of his license to practice law and $25,000 fine imposed on him by the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas; (4) the civil contempt penalty of more than $900,000 imposed on President Clinton by the federal court for violating its orders; (5) the payment of more than $850,000 in settlement to Paula Jones; (6) the express finding by the federal court that President Clinton had engaged in contemptuous conduct; and (7) the substantial public condemnation of President Clinton arising from his impeachment."

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