Friday, October 16, 2009

Privacy? What's that? Doesn't the government deserve to know everything about us?

GRANT Hall is one of a small number of activist-authors who fight for the cause of privacy.
Why is privacy so important? Privacy is essentially respect for the sovereignty of the individual being. Collectivism - communism, socialism and fascism - are rampant in the world including in the so-called 'democratic international community'. These are systems of political control that suppress the individual, usually in the name of fighting crime or terrorism.
Grant Hall's website asks: "
Are your money and property at risk of being seized? Are you endangered by a troublesome, obsessive stalker who may harm you? Will your good name be stolen by an identity thief and cost you many thousands of dollars and years to restore your credibility and credit? Will your right to privacy be invaded when a stalker, identity thief, “professional plaintiff” or snoopy, investigator tracks you through your job, automobile, home, bank or brokerage accounts, safe deposit box, mail, computer and telephones? Not if you read and study the principles and concepts described by Grant Hall in Privacy Crisis."
You can bank, work, travel and live secretly and never be found or have your money or property at risk when you practice the principles and concepts explained in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall.
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