Monday, February 9, 2009

Bushfires: DSE policy puts trees before people

FEB. 9, 2009 (updated Feb. 10): Victoria's Department of Sustainability and Environmentwill is on the defensive with its spin doctors on full alert, trying to douse any suggestion that their 'environmental policies' that cover almost every square metre of Victoria may have contributed to the worst ever Australian bushfire disaster. And watch the DSE try to deflect the Royal Commission of Inquiry away from its 'save vegetation at all costs' policy. The DSE's own regulations as outlined in a 'Practice Note' from the DSE website: "Trees overhanging a dwelling: This exemption allows the lopping or removal of any part of a tree overhanging a dwelling or other building used for accommodation. Under this exemption only that part of the tree which is overhanging the building and which is necessary for fire protection can be removed or lopped. Native vegetation within 30 metres of a dwelling This exemption allows the removal of native vegetation within 30 metres of a dwelling or other building used for accommodation provided: at least 50 percent of native shrubs are retained; and native grasses are kept to at least a height of 100 millimetres. This exemption does not apply to trees."

The DSE regulation, totally ignoring private property rights going back to Magna Carta, considers property owners and occupiers require 'special dispensation' to cut back a 'tree' which they appear to consider sacred. And only that part of the tree overhanging the dwelling can be cut. This regulation may have cost Victorian lives and homes. This anti-human, deep green insanity has must stop, but is there a politician who would dare stand up? Wilson Tuckey is one of few such such politicians. Tuckey says it's time governments woke up to the fact that current forest 'management' practices, based on locking up forests and allowing leaf litter to accumulate, are misguided and lethal. Most of the land surrounding Kinglake and other towns wiped out in the bushfires is in fact 'managed' by DSE and Parks Victoria.
Perhaps it's time for another national tree chop day as organised by NSW farmers and SOS News last year in protest against environ-mentalist lunacy in government.

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