Saturday, January 31, 2009

Petrol engine becoming a dinosaur?

EVER heard the term 'energy crisis' or 'peak oil'? Both have appeared in the world media many thousands of times and both invoke the idea that somehow the human race is going to have to revert to, primitive, non-mechanical, or 'sustainable' forms of energy because oil is running out.
But regardless of whether oil is in short supply or not, there is technology to massively reduce or even totally replace oil consumption, such as engines developed by a former F1 engineer Guy Negre, that run on compressed air: or
There is also a lot of technology around employing various methods to run engines from hydrogen split from water:
Solar-electric technology, of course, is also available and improving in efficiency.
The so-called problem of 'peak oil', given much media exposure before the recent run up of oil to $US160 a barrel, is exposed as political chicanery in many articles available on the web.
An article on Alex Jones' website Prison Planet tells the story:
A google video here features a former chaplain who worked on the Alaskan oilfieds and was privy to inside knowledge on how the massive reserves there were capped.
It seems that if there is any 'oil crisis' or 'energy crisis', it is in the minds of those who wish to profit monetarily or politically from the alleged shortage.

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  1. The technology developed by French company MDI Energy can be viewed at With the so-called 'global warming crisis' preached at us almost daily, you would think people would be demanding the mass production of vehicles that run on compressed air. Moneyed interests again appear to be dictating the agenda.